Lamarr, the Mouse from Zanzibar

This is the story of Lamarr
A pygmy mouse from Zanzibar
His little house was very neat
And he liked dancing in the street
The sky was bright, the beach was nice
He got along with other mice
But one fine summer day he thought:
“I’m bored, I guess I really ought
To visit uncle Mac McBryde
The Scotsmouse from the countryside.”

Thus begins Lamarr, the Mouse from Zanzibar. On 25 September 2011, I read parts of this story to friends and family who had gathered in Utrecht. For this occasion Ella Steenmeijer, a gifted artist, had made 22 illustrations, as well as three excellent paintings. The 25 copies we had printed for promotional purposes were all sold – though I’ll admit my mother bought more than one.

Still, such a beautiful afternoon!

We’re certain we’ll find a publisher for this sort of thing, one day. On the other hand, not having found one has never in the least discouraged us.